10K and PLAY

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Learn to Earn. How to become a 5 figure+ / month hairstylist. 

Make more $$$, work less hours.

Yes, we’re talking:
💰 How to Charge
💰 Keeping Your Books Full
💰 Keeping Your Clients Happy (So They Come BACK!)
💰 and much, MUCH more.

Hey Hairstylists! 

Are you struggling to make enough money and to find the time to do what you want?

We know exactly how you feel... as hairstylists, we were once totally broke and burnt out trying to make ends meet. It was exhausting and at the end of the day we started to question whether we should keep doing hair..
(don't get me wrong, we LOVED doing hair).

We just noticed that there was a lot of things that hair school didn't teach us. Here were the hard truths, hairstylists often...
❌ struggle to bring in a big income
❌ lack free time to spend with friends and family
❌ have a hard time building their clientele
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There had to be a better way!

We knew there were stylists out there doing it. The idea was simple: work less, make more money. 

But how🤔? We knew it meant learning new skills above and beyond 'cutting & coloring hair'...

We figured it out and we want to break it down for you step by step 👇

4 Out of 5 Hairstylists Quit in Their First 5 Years...

... often because they can't make enough money to pay their bills.

Did you know 80% of hairstylists make only 20% of the money, and 20% of the hairstylists make the other 80% of the money? Learn how to be the top 20% of stylist in the industry 🤑🤑🤑

What is 10K and PLAY?

It is a step by step system where you will learn how to become a $10K/ month earner! It is 'EASY to LEARN' and simple to do.

Success is a science - follow the formula, get the results 👇

What's Included...

  •  Module 1: Being a Hairstylist = Financial Freedom
  •  Module 2: Lifestyle Design
  •  Module 3: The Power Of Goal Setting
  •  Module 4: Self-Care and Balance Create Happiness
  •  Module 5: Look like the BOSS, Act like the BOSS, Be the BOSS
  •  Module 6: Knowing Your Numbers = Money 💲💲💲
  •  Module 7: How to Make More Money While Working Less Hours
  •  Module 8: You Are in the Business of RELATIONSHIPS
  •  Module 9: Creating the Unforgettable Customer Experience
  •  Bonus Module: Retail Mastery
  •  Bonus Module: Profits and Pay Checks

Join Us

You’ll learn the key ingredients to take you to $10K+ / month.

We’ve helped hundreds of hairdressers to develop skills that make them more $$$. The results speak for themselves.

Let’s do this, enroll now 👇 
Invest in yourself. Your future self will thank you.

10K and PLAY

"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret" - Jim Rohn
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