It takes 10, 000 Hours To mastery

Become The Master Stylist 

Learn everything you need to know to become your local #HairDoctor

When you can diagnosis your client's hair needs, you will earn their hearts for LIFE.

Keep your books full and your clients coming back!

It's More Than Just Hair.

You're helping people to express who they are through your artistry.

This course on "Mastering the Fundamentals" will cover everything from your consultation to mapping out your foil pattern.

When you learn to give people what they want, they will be your client FOREVER.


  • how to formulate - colors vs lightners
  • demos on educating your clients
  • consultation process
  • hair theory
  • retailing demonstrations
  • and more...

Growing a Clientele

Clients only come back if the LOVE what you do and TRUST that they will keep loving what you do.

Mastering hair involves giving your clients what they want (which isn't necessarily what they ask for). 

You Are a #HairTherapist

Hair is THE way we express ourselves as we move through our lives.

As their #hairtherapist, it's YOUR job to prescribe to them their hairstyles and the hair routine they need to maintain that style.

In "Mastering the Fundamentals", you'll learn about everything you need to know about hair, hair care, and hair processes.
  • Becoming the Hair Expert : The Anatomy of Hair
  • Hair Fundamentals Of Delivering A Great Service : Live Demonstrations
  • Value Added Services
  • Law of Color
  • Color Techniques
  • Increase Your Pay Checks and Retention Rate With nvenn Hair Care
Meet the instructorS

Jessica and Veronica

The girls have been doing hair since 2006. Together they have trained 1000s of Hairstylists on mastering the fundamentals of hair and building a clientele.

They want to help #hairartists find the confidence behind what they are doing so they can FALL in LOVE with what they are doing.

When passion meets creativity and hard work, a lifelong career is born.
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