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Give Your Clients What They Want and Keep Them Coming Back
The #hairdoctors that are the most booked behind the chairs are the ones that let their #hairartistry fly free.

A client's hair should be unique like their fingerprints. Everyone is different and the right hairstyle should showcase who they are inside.

We believe that a style isn't a 10/10 for a client unless it suits them, brands them and is practical for their life.
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Did You Know...

The #1 reason why a client leaves a stylist is because they aren't happy with their style?

Sometimes clients aren't happy EVEN when you give them EXACTLY what they ask for. 

As the #HairArtist, it's YOUR job to figure out what will make them happy.

We can show you how.
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giving a client what they want involves

Creativity, Understanding, and Execution.

It's about getting into the heart's of your client's and UNDERSTANDING how they want their hair to make them FEELđź’•.
Meet the instructors

Jessica and Veronica

We really struggled with building a clientele at the start of our careers. Learning the fundamentals of hair was only part of the struggle.

We also struggled with creativity. The question we were most scared of a client asking was, "If you could do ANYTHING, what would you do?"

It was a game changer when we learned that creativity is like a muscle and can be developed!

We can teach you how to see hair the way that we do (with your own unique flare of course). 
It's more than just hair, it's about Becoming The Beauty Expert.

Be the first person they want to call when they have questions about their hair.

Whether they are thinking about their split ends or a new hair style, they should think of calling you.
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